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Moi je veux Maitre Capello pour les cours de francais et Albert Jacquard pour les cours de science, en esperant que France 5 ne fasse pas de propagande pro-Sarkozy pour les bambins!

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Sono abbastanza d’accordo con Leon. Mak comunque si fa il mazzo. E mi piacerebbe vedere altre storie di Flaviano. Ma pure di Leon, eh?A proposito, Leon… hai davvero insegnato a Natalie Portman a fare il sicario? Me la fai conoscere?

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  Espen: Min første km gikk unna pÃ¥ 3:56, og det er ikke vanlig marsjtempo for meg. Uansett, jeg løp et bra løp og perset med 2:30(!), kom i mÃ¥l pÃ¥ 43:38. Og det er jeg seff godt fornøyd med.Vanvittig god Ã¥pning og pers CHR!!Man skal Ã¥pne sÃ¥pass pÃ¥ Hytteplan, er gratis sekunder. Om du hadde Ã¥pnet dÃ¥rligere hadde du aldri tatt de sekundene igjen!

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I entered the contest and i really hope i win because i only have one thing from ivivva. The black shorts. They are super cute and comfy. I got them on halloween and literally right when my mom told me that they came i litterally ran outside and danced with them on in the rain!

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Patti, I haven’t done the things expected of me, either! Maybe that’s why we get on so well. I married very young–which was not expected of people of my generation. I did not have children–which is expected of all adults. The writing thing is the closest to a career I’ve ever had. The rest were just jobs, and i was as happy the day I left as I was any other day. In other words, I could take ‘em or leave ‘em. The writing is the only thing that has stuck. LOLThanks for stopping by. Booyah back at you!!

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Grandiose. ça tape où ça fait mal mais qu’est-ce qu’on se marre.La photo du joueur devant rencontrer Gasquet au premier tour est excellente. Et Nadal et son short.Quant à Leconte, il n’a que ce qu’il mérite.

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we the uk are in europe and are europeans scottish irish and english come from the germanic tribes somthing they dont teach you in school after ww2 which i think has a big part in what where seeing the nazis had some weird crafts. oh yeah and the welsh are from southern european tribes thats why they have black hair and brown eyes.

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13 mai 2011, 17h00 [citation][pseudo]Jerem[/pseudo]Mwai, fifa reste tout de même meilleur à mes yeux ! Enfin chacun ses goûts [/citation]héhé la même =P

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Cara Rosaria, i complimenti vanno tutti ad Aldo e anche all'architetto Houdin. A me resta soltanto il piacere e l'onore di pubblicare lavori così belli e geniali.Un abbraccio.

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It is only because we have become so small that our politicians seem to big. We deserve them, we should just shut up and take it or become again what we were in 1775 and tower over them again.Massachusetts nobody

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A majority of these types of products are in fact scams. Products that do nothing and at worse hurt those who take them. I’m not sure about this Phytalife stuff yet – the jury is still out. Thanks for your thoughts Victor,Garry

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